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Ahal records

Are you bored and do not know what to do then you can have fun with Ahal records by watching movies, series, cartoons and so on and playing games on PC or Playstation.

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The largest online store of office stationery, school supplies, books, art supplies, souvenirs and gifts that will delight you every day!

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Wedding services

Do you want to get married? And you don't know how to organize your wedding in the best way, this software is for you.

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Here you can find drawing of nature, Turkmen Akhalteke horses, historical monuments and the statues to decorate your placement.

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Ceiling store

Streched ceilings, wall-painting and wallpapers are the decoration of your home to make it cosy and comfortable.

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Turkmenistan 360

Turkmenistan 360 is a brand-new, modern way to travel across Turkmenistan visiting the most gorgeous and amazing places.

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We always have our finger on the pulse of what’s working for our customers, and what’s not. We constantly seek feedback, both positive and negative, on our service and software and this feedback directly influences what changes we make for the next product update and service initiative, and also what parts need to stay exactly the same.

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Siz bilen işlemek gaty aňsat! Tiz wagtyň içinde owadan we isleýän funkdiýalarymy ýerine ýetirýän web sahypamy elime aldym. Dizaýny haýran galdyryjy!

Babamyrat Muhammedov


Sag boluň saýt örän arassa we owadan boldy. Örän minnetdar size!

Sahymyrat Abdyrasulow


Pricing made simple.

Note:The prices shown below are the starting price for the respective service and it changes depending on the functions which you want to add!

Web pages

5.000 TMT

  • Landing page
  • E-commerce
  • Online menu
iOS and Android

30.000 TMT

  • iOS application
  • Android application
  • Games

3.000 TMT

  • Logo
  • UI/UX design
  • Mockups